Add a Teaser Widget to Your Website’s Sidebar to Attract More Registrations to a Specific Membership Level

Wishlist Protected Content Widget

Are you constantly trying to figure out how to make your members upgrade to a higher membership level, but with no success? Are you struggling to boost your membership site’s earnings?

Your members must feel they are missing out on great and valuable content to want to upgrade their membership level, that is why you need to give them a “sneak peek” at the content they are missing out.

Wishlist Protected Content Widget will display a widget on your sidebar with posts from a higher membership level.

When a member clicks on a post, he will only be able to get a “sneak peek” at the content as you define on Wishlist Member plugin.

In order to get full access to the content, a button will transfer them to upgrading their membership level.

The only thing that is really up to you is providing top quality content so your members would want to upgrade their membership level to continue reading.

How can Wishlist Protected Content Widget increase your revenues?

1. Increase new registrations

Displaying a teaser of your protected content in your membership site’s sidebar will make it more visible and expose your protected content to more people.

In conclusion: visibility leads to more exposure which leads to more sales!

2. Increase your retention rates

Members who do have permission to access the protected content will be transferred to view the complete content.

Using the plugin will expose them to more of your content, increase their engagement to your site, keep your members happy and increase your retention rates.

Wishlist Protected Content Widget Screenshots

In the screenshots below you can see how easy it is to determine the plugin’s settings and display protected content from any membership level you want in the sidebar:

Wishlist Protected Content Widget